The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal negotiated by Stephen Harper that could cost Canada up to 58,000 jobs, is still on the table.

Stephen Harper was defeated in the last Federal election because his policies harmed Canada’s economy and families. Sadly, one of Stephen Harper’s worst economic policies is still under consideration.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret deal negotiated by Stephen Harper that could cost Canada approximately 58,000 jobs, is still on the table.

TPP has no “Canada First” hiring provision, so that Canadian trade workers will have little or no job protection from companies that can import foreign workers to do jobs for which Canadians are qualified. This means that the benefits of the Liberals Party’s $240-billion infrastructure program could help foreign workers and foreign companies, instead of Canadian workers and Canadian companies.

TPP is also a safety risk, because many foreign countries have lower safety and training standards than Canada does, and those lower standards would recklessly endanger workers, especially at job sites where heavy machinery is operated. Canadian work and safety standards are some of the strongest in the world. Another risk – including serious injuries and even fatalities – is due to a lack of requirements regarding workers speaking English or French at work sites.

Canadians voted last year to reject these kinds of dangers and job losses. After voting for Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberals, we should not be stuck with flawed trade agreement negotiated in secret by a discredited and defeated Stephen Harper.

Sign the petition and tell our government that it’s Canada’s time to lead…by creating jobs and rejecting, once and for all, the discredited policies of the Stephen Harper years.